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About Tatic

Our story starts way back on July 2018

Our Objectives

TATIC started way back July 2018 where six Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)namely Legal and Human Right center (LHRC), Tanganyika Law Society (TLS), HakiMadini, Lawyers’ Environmental Action Team (LEAT), East African Civil  Society Organizations’ Forum (EACSOF), Environmental, Human Rights Care and Gender Organization (ENVIROCARE) and representatives from research and academic groups convened for a learning session on Bilateral Investment Agreement (BITs) facilitated by Southern and Eastern African Trade Information and Negotiations Institute (SEATINI) Uganda and HakiMadini.

Enthused by the learning, the coalition made a written submission backed by an in-depth analysis of the negative impact of BITs models, specifically the Tanzania-Netherlands BIT which was approaching its expiration and due for automatic renewal. The Coalition called on the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania to terminate the BIT and recommended renegotiation on more favorable terms.

The Government of Tanzania through the Attorney General agreed to dialogue with the coalition and heeded the call by immediately terminating the Tanzania-Netherlands BIT.

After the engagement and consultation with different stakeholders the founding members organized several training sessions on Bilateral Investment Treaties and their Impacts where other stakeholders were invited. Through the organized sessions TATIC then was formed and the formalization for the existence was done in 2022.

Considering the working environment, positioning the competitiveness of TATIC defined the coalition niche. Effective partnerships are critical at all stages of our impact pathway, from identifying research needs and testing solutions and tools, to generating evidence, raising awareness, and influencing decision-making. TATIC has divided its partnerships into three categories: institutional, strategic and implementing.

The competitive advantage of TATIC is rooted in the establishment of  working relationships with a wide range of implementing partnerships that work across functions from research, policy analysis, capacity building and advocacy. These include: research partners, public policy partners, development partners, capacity development partners and private sector. TATIC has established working relationships with a wide range of institutional partnerships that work across trade and investment at national regional and international levels.

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